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Solo Exhibition Paris, 2017

CHO Yea Jae was born in South Korea in 1971. Resolutely modern with various interests in philosophy, society and the environment, she is an artist of contrast and attracts opposites.  Her works are based on the continuous observation of the world around her. Whenever Yea Jae finds the time she travels to other parts of the world experiencing different cultures and meeting various people.

Throughout the years all these encounters with multi-cultural backgrounds not only helped her develop a strong empathy but also inspired her with the beauty of the difference and a deep understanding of humanity.

While Korean, Yea Jae considers herself a citizen of the world.


Through her works she expresses the simple conclusions drawn after the tortuous journeys of the mind and soul. To bring out the best on canvas she constantly keeps researching and developing new techniques. Therefore, different meanings emerge from the same painting, this artist offers free interpretation to the people who watch and feel her minimalist art works.


Humanity is strong and beautiful. This is what she ultimately believes in and with this in mind her “Ready to open” series was born as a symbol of true HOPE. Who denies we need it the most to change for the better?  


With "Transcendence", she presents a conceptual minimalist series based on an eastern Asian philosophical approach.

At any given moment of our life we look at our past, feel our present and think of the future. It is most important yet difficult to find the perfect balance and harmony between these 3 elements.

The big contrast between the rough “imperfect" texture and the smoothness of the perfect paint brush strokes for the grey and the black parts creates a visual shock to emphasize the dramatic contrast of life.


Her first exhibition was staged in Hong Kong in 2000, since then she has participated to various exhibitions, Art fairs, and special events.

Recently she was featured in 4 solo exhibitions around the world (Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, Madrid) and 2 featured exhibitions in 2018 and 2019 in the Hamptons (New York). 

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